Date Posted
11th Jun 2018

Wellington Opens results

What a weekend with 130-ish gymnasts from around NZ! Awesome work by gymnasts, judges, coaches and our parent volunteers. 

Here are the results in two forms:

  1. PDF 
  2. View-only Google spreadsheet

Google spreadsheet of results for all Levels, Stages and Groups

Here's a selection of Elements' podium placings:

L7: Poppy 3rd overall + 3rd ball + 3rd clubs + 2nd ribbon, Phoebe 3rd hoop

L6: Kerry 5th overall of 19 gymnasts

L5: Mia 5th overall of 17 gymnasts

L4: Out of 21 gymnasts, Isla 1st overall + 1st rope + 2nd= clubs, Ania 2nd overall + 2nd freehand + 2nd= rope, Abi 4th overall, Maia 2= clubs

L3 overs: Dani 2nd overall, Elisa 3rd overall

L2 overs: Zhongyuzi (Carey) 1st, Maya 2nd, Vicky 3rd overall

L2 unders: Neala 1st, Vinnie 2nd, Sayuri-Alexandra 4th overall

L1 overs: Imogene 1st, Senali 2nd, Aanya 3rd

L1 unders: Scarlett 1st, Arina 3rd

S1: Harriet 1st

Grade 4 group: 3rd