Date Posted
22nd Feb 2020

Wellington Opens 2020 Qualifier

POSTPONED indefinitely due to covid-19 restrictions. We've left original details below for reference only.

21 March

Where: St Oran's College, Lower Hutt

Who: Senior gymnasts — Levels 5-10, Stages 3-4, Junior and Senior Internationals, Grade IV and up groups

This is an endorsed competition so scores will go towards Nationals qualification. All senior gymnasts from Elements are expected to attend, plus others from around New Zealand. 

The junior event will be held 8-9 August.

Elements families

All Elements parents of competing gymnasts are expected to volunteer and contribute to this event. 

We try and accommodate everyone as much as possible regarding times, tasks etc. If anyone omits to volunteer, their name will be added to a task (it's your responsibility to swap if you cannot attend at a particular time).

Grade V group