Date Posted
21st Jul 2019

Results: Wellington Opens 2019

What a weekend with 100+ gymnasts from around NZ! Awesome work by gymnasts, judges, coaches and our parent volunteers. 

Here are the results in PDF — coming soon in Google Sheets — and a selection of Elements' podium placings...


S3: Neala 2nd overall, Carey 3rd overall

L5: Sonia 1st overall, Ania 2nd overall, Amelia 3rd overall

L6: Julie 1st overall, Mia 2nd overall, Tehya 3rd overall

L7: Kerry 1st overall, Emily 3rd overall

L8: Jessica 1st overall

Grade 5 group: 2nd


L1: Cherrie 3rd overall

L2: Zoe 3rd overall

L3: Sayuri-Alexandra Beesting 1st overall, Vicky 2nd overall

L4: Dani 1st overall, Elisa 2nd overall, Bomin 3rd overall

S2: Harriet 1st overall, Scarlett 2nd overall

Rec comp

L2: Cara 1st overall