Date Posted
8th Aug 2021

Nationals 2021

National champions, many medals, plus proficiency pins for all 21 rhythmic gymnasts who represented Wellington at July's National Gymnastics Championships held in Auckland.

National champions (1st overall):

  • Level 8: Tehya
  • Level 7: Julie
  • Level 5: Dani
  • Grade V group: Abi, Amelia, Julie, Kerry, Maia, Sonia, Tehya

Gold medals:

  • Level 8: Tehya 1st overall + 1st rope + clubs + ball, Kerry 1st in hoop
  • Level 7: Julie 1st overall + 1st ball + clubs
  • Level 5: Dani 1st overall + 1st freehand + hoop, Jennifer 1st clubs
  • Grade V group: 1st for Abi, Amelia, Julie, Kerry, Maia, Sonia, Tehya
  • Stage 4: Imogene 1st rope
  • Stage 3: Talya 1st freehand

Silver medals:

  • Level 8: Emily 2nd overall + 2nd clubs, Tehya 2nd hoop
  • Level 5: Jennifer 2nd overall + 2nd freehand, Elisa 2nd hoop, Dani 2nd clubs
  • Stage 4: Sarah 2nd rope, Imogene 2nd ball
  • Stage 3: Talya 2nd overall + 2nd rope + club
  • Grade III group: 2nd for Imogene, Neala, Sadie, Sarah, Teresa

Bronze medals: 

  • Junior International: Carey 3rd ball + hoop
  • Level 8: Emily 3rd hoop + rope, Julie 3rd rope
  • Level 7: Mia 3rd overall, Julie 3rd rope
  • Level 6: Amelia 3rd ribbon
  • Level 5: Elisa 3rd overall + 3rd freehand + clubs, Adrielle and Vicky 3rd= hoop
  • Stage 4: Neala 3rd freehand + ball, Teresa 3rd rope

Plus coach medals to recognise excellent results for Ellie Ross and Sergi Villalba.

Nationals results in numbers

21 rhythmic gymnasts represented Wellington — a record number, all from our club.

21 proficiency pins for high scores awarded to each of our gymnasts.

4 trophies for national champion in individuals and group.

15 gold medals.

13 silver medals.

16 bronze medals.

We are so proud of all our gymnasts and our coaches Ellie and Sergi. Many thanks for all your hard work and enthusisastic support for each other!

21 gymnasts representing Wellington