Date Posted
6th Oct 2018

2018 Nationals results

Our 10-strong Nationals team had a great time in Tauranga at the New Zealand Gymnastics Competition. The girls all performed beautifully, and loudly cheered each other on.

Plus we came away with some bling: 

  • 1 trophy — Grade IV group
  • 2 gold medals — Grade IV group, L4 clubs Julie
  • 2 silver medals — L4 clubs Abi, L4 freehand Julie
  • 4 bronze — L4 clubs Maia, L4 freehand Ania, L5 hoop Mia, L5 freehand Tehya
  • proficiency pins for high scores — Tehya, Sonia, Mia, Maia, Julie, Jessie, Isla, Ania, Abi

Great work gymnasts and coaches Ellie and Isabel. And many thanks to team manager Deb and chaperone Tracy for keeping the team fed, watered and on time!

Gold medallists: Grade IV group