Ballet for gymnasts

Leaping ballerina

All gymnasts — from Elements and from other clubs — are welcome to join our ballet for gymnasts classes. Our experienced ballet teachers are used to working with gymnasts.

Ballet is a great way to improve your gymnastics ability. It helps improve posture, core, balance, flexibility, fluidity in movements, musicality, and keeping the body stable during gymnastics movements.

To register, book a free trial, or check which ballet class is right for you, please email us — — or use the Contact us form.

Cost for one class a week

$120 a term for gymnasts from other clubs and codes.

$80 a term for:

  • our recreation gymnasts
  • our competitive gymnasts choosing to do extra ballet (one class a week is included in term fees).

Class times

All classes are held at Anglican Chinese Mission, Glenmore St, Thorndon, opposite the Botanic Gardens.

4-5pm for senior competitive gymnasts (Levels 5+)
5-5.30pm for private lessons
5.30-6.30pm for Stages 3+4 competitive gymnasts
6.30-7.30pm for private lessons
7.30-8.30pm for senior competitive gymnasts (Levels 5+)

11.30-12.30pm for Levels 1+2
12.45-1.45pm for Stage 2 competitive gymnasts
2.15-3.15pm for Levels 1+2 and Stage 1
4.15-5.15pm for Levels 3+4
5.15-6.15pm for senior competitive gymnasts (Levels 5+)