About our club — and our sport

Elements is a not-for-profit incorporated society, run by a committee of volunteer parents. Parents who aren't on the committee pitch in too, helping with fundraising, running competitions and of course cheering from the sidelines.

Elements was a finalist in the 2016 Wellington Airport Community Awards, which recognise the valuable contribution of volunteers across the region.

Our sport

Rhythmic gymnastics combines elements of gymnastics, dance and apparatus-handling. Gymnasts perform routines to music using ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes and clubs — and for junior levels, freehand routines without apparatus. In competition, gymnasts are judged on their ability to perform leaps, balances and pivots, as well as their flexibility and artistic handling of the apparatus. 

Benefits of rhythmic gymnastics:

  • develops good posture and creativity

  • enhances balance, agility and body awareness

  • increases flexibility, strength and coordination

  • boosts self-confidence

  • builds healthy minds and bodies

  • forges the bonds of friendship.

News and events

Our sponsors

These lovely souls put in long hours to develop our gymnasts and our club. Thank you one and all!

  • Eleanor Ross (coaches juniors, stages, junior international and groups)
  • Sergio Villalba (coaches seniors)
  • Abigail Steel (coaches juniors)
  • XTND coaches: Elisa, Maia, Mia and Tehya (coaches preschools and recs)
  • Anne (coaches ballet)